Mark Knopfler’s band talk about Airsound technology

We’re thrilled to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse from the NEC, where we’ve had the privilege of introducing Airsound technology to the esteemed members of Mark Knopfler’s band. Their firsthand experiences with our the audio system reveal the transformative power of Airsound, affirming its place as a game-changer in music listening.

Richard Bennett – Guitar

“It was everything… It’s got a beautiful tight bottom end, everything is clear, the imaging is great, it’s tight and not hyped, which is the best part of it for me… Just a beautiful, clear, and focused sound, and that’s really what you want. Even music from the 20s, 30s, right up to modern music, it all sounds great.”

“It’s hearing is believing. It makes everything sound beautiful… I think it brings a wider dimension to the music, with real fidelity. Size, width, depth, headroom, it’s got all of that at any volume.”

Danny Cummings – Percussion

“I wonder how on earth you’ve done it because it’s extraordinary. I notice the imaging. Normally when you get out of the sweet spot, you lose focus, and [with Airsound] it didn’t change. And I’m still very mystified about that, I don’t know how you’ve done it.”

Glenn Worf

“First impressions were, it’s fantastic. I love the way music sounds in a room (not headphones). And that’s why I was blown away by this. While I don’t understand the technology, it sounds amazing. It’s not hyped. One of the things I liked about what I heard the other night it that it sounded dead natural, and it didn’t matter what we listened to.. everything sounded great. The bottom line is that it sounds very very musical.”

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