Effortless Spatial Audio

Give your studio or listening room a spatial audio upgrade with the Airsound Spatial Professional Listening System – 7.1.4 from 2 speakers.

Spatial for all rooms


Airsound Spatial professional grade audio system for monitoring Pro Tools, Dolby Atmos® Renderer, Logic and more from 2 or 4 speakers.


High quality and seamless spatial audio with the ability to link multiple devices in any location, maximising audio enjoyment and minimimising visibility.


Compact and high performance screening audio technology for pure cinematic impact and crystal clarity without needing a full 12+ speaker installation.

NEW: Pro Listening System

The Airsound Spatial Professional Listening System is a 2 or 4 speaker solution for monitoring high quality 7.1.4 in a smaller professional studio or high performance entertainment room. Hand built in England, this spatial audio solution sets the standard for effortless high performance spatial audio.

System Includes:

  • 2 speakers (Natural or Black colour)
  • Subwoofer
  • 1U analogue amplifier/interface
  • ‘ASAP’ Spatial Audio monitoring software (mac compatible)
  • Wall mounts and desk stands

Airsound uses dipolar audio steering and software control to make sounds move outside the speaker and around the listener. Airsound presents the possibility to fill listening spaces with detailed and immersive sound.

  • Stereo or Spatial from a single speaker
  • Fully 360 degree 7.1.4 from 2 speakers
  • Scaling solution for 1+ speakers
  • Flexible speaker placement

Airsound Stereo and Airsound Spatial are technologies recently made available for license to selected partners. Please contact us to discuss implementing Airsound Stereo or Airsound Spatial in your audio products.

Illustration of Airsound Spatial, steering 5 virtual sound sources to different locations.

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    Read about the history of Airsound from the invention of recording stereo with Alan Blumlein, to the creation of Airsound Stereo to the latest development of Airsound Spatial

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