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We design and make equipment that produces spatial and immersive sound.

Airsound is audio steering technology that produces real stereo from one box (Airsound Stereo), and fully spatial audio such as 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® from only 2 speakers (Airsound Spatial). Audio steering places sounds where they were intended to be, producing true studio quality and realism.

Airsound Stereo

Since 2009, Airsound Stereo has been delivering true stereo from single box audio systems across a huge number of products and in different categories. Now available for selected partners.

NEW for 2024:
Airsound Spatial

The complete solution for delivering authentic spatial surround sound such as Dolby Atmos®, providing true 7.1.4 from only 2 speakers.

Coming Autumn 2024:
Airsound Automotive

Airsound Automotive enhances in-car audio systems for immersive enjoyment of spatial sound such as Dolby Atmos® by adding sound steering components to a standard system.

What is Airsound?

Airsound uses digital signal processing and dipolar steering to allow a listener to hear sounds from outside a speaker box, making convincing stereo from a single speaker a reality.

With Airsound Spatial, a listening space is filled with 360° of spatial sound from any suitable sound source, for a fully immersive experience.

Illustration of Airsound Spatial, steering 5 virtual sound sources to different locations.

Airsound Spatial Listening System. Available Summer 2024. True 7.1.4 from 2 speakers.

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