A simple and convenient solution for high-performance 7.1.4 listening.

To enjoy spatial audio in a home or studio requires a major investment of time and money in installing many speakers, decoding and interconnections. Airsound Spatial dramatically simplifies creating a spatial audio space, making it no harder than a stereo system to set up and use.

The Airsound Spatial Audio System Pro 1 is our first commercially available loudspeaker system, featuring custom design loudspeakers and amplifiers for a self contained and complete 2 or 4 speaker 7.1.4 listening system.

April 2024 update:

Due to higher than anticipated demand and some helpful feedback, we have redesigned the loudspeakers to improve their aesthetics and feature a wooden enclosure, hand-built from English hardwood for the ultimate high quality look, feel and sound. We are expecting to be able to post a comprehensive update and new visuals soon.

“So many people who have heard the demo system have said – “how can I get one?”, so it seemed obvious to make it into something people can buy, use and enjoy every day.”

Daniel Fletcher

Ideal for:

  • Pro Tools
  • Dolby Atmos Renderer
  • Blu Ray
  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV
  • Games / Entertainment

The system features the following components:

  • 2x Airsound Spatial Loudspeakers with Scanspeak drivers
  • 1x Audio interface / transconductance amplifier module
  • 1x Airsound Spatial Audio Processor (ASAP) software
  • 1x Subwoofer (ADAM Sub10 mk2)
  • Cables and stands

£Price on application

“The demo system was designed to be uncompromising in every way – driver choice, materials, construction, amplifier design, interface – utterly focused on low distortion and the spatial experience… This system will be the same, but more usable and beautiful… and uncompromising in sound performance”

Daniel Fletcher

Key Features

Spatial Speakers:

  • Scanspeak neodymium high performance main driver
  • Neodymium motor side and height drivers
  • Custom designed acoustically shaped enclosure
  • Various stand / desktop / wall mount options


  • 8 channel 192KHz/24bit interface
  • USC-C connection
  • 2x high power amplifiers
  • 4x low power amplifiers
  • Amplifiers are custom-developed class A/B analogue
  • Transconductance operational mode for ultra-low distortion

Other Components:

  • ADAM 10″ subwoofer with highly linear response
  • ASAP processing software converts standard 7.1.4 positionable Spatial speakers
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Installation and support as required

In Development: expected, June 2024

Based on the listening setup used at British Grove, this is a truly high-performance system that consists of an amplifier unit and 2 speakers, plus a separate subwoofer. Please note: the system is currently under development, and this page will be updated as more details are released. Please check back regularly to see updates and progress.

System Description

The Airsound Spatial Listening System is truly high-performance, with considerable frequency and spatial audio capabilities. Designed for professional monitoring or high fidelity listening. The system is hand made in the UK and features custom designed components and high fidelity loudspeaker drivers for the ultimate small scale Dolby Atmos® listening experience.

AT180 Amplifier

Preview of AT180 interface/amplifier module

This 1U professional rack mounted unit features integrated 24 bit 192KHz DACs and 6 channels of transconductance amplification that are designed specifically to drive 2 of the Airsound Spatial loudspeaker units. It features inbuilt analogue limiting to provide loudspeaker protection whilst maintaining a soft and pleasing tone, even when being pushed into overdrive. The input is USB-C and compatible with mac or PC software (photos coming soon).

The compressors on the type T40 and T25 amplifiers are designed as protective devices to avoid overload destruction of loudspeaker drivers. The attack time is within 6 milliseconds and the compression ratio is approx. 12:1. The preset control on the amplifier sets the knee position between about -30dB up to an ‘off’ condition (compressor disengaged). A sidechain filter controls the frequency response of the compression action, this eliminates low frequency effects and makes the compression effective at mid/high frequencies. Harmonic distortion produced by the compressor is predominantly 2nd order and because the compressor is arranged as an overload protection device, the distortion is not audible.

Ted Fletcher, 2024

Airsound Spatial Loudspeaker (2pcs)

The custom designed Airsound Spatial loudspeaker has been acoutically optimised to be able to steer audio within any listening environment. The main front driver is a high performance hand built Danish HiFi component uncompromising in audio quality.

ASAP (Airsound Spatial Audio Processor)

*prototype version shown

The ASAP audio processing engine runs on a host computer. It performs the required signal processing to correctly drive the Airsound Spatial loudspeaker units. The software supports up to 4 Airsound Spatial loudspeakers. Use the ASAP to control the number and position of the loudspeakers, also monitor all important aspects of the system.

Control Surface (optional)

If you prefer a hands-on controller for the audio system (as opposed to the mouse & keyboard only), the ASAP audio system has been developed to support the readily available AKAI MIDIMIX, which allows full control of individual speakers, subwoofer level, even loudspeaker angles.

Stands & Cables

The system is provided with cables and loudspeaker stands that allow convenient placement of the loudspeakers. These also feature rubber feet so can be table top mounted if preferred.

The prototype loudspeakers undergoing testing in the studio.

Supersize Option

For larger rooms, or perhaps just to go to the max, the Airsound Spatial system can be doubled up. This means driving 3 or 4 speakers and a subwoofer. Simply position the additional speakers where you need them and enter the speaker positions into the ASAP processing software, and additional speakers will add spatial resolution and power to the listening environment. A special version of the AT180 is available that has a volume link to the master unit allowing a single volume control of the whole system.