Spatial Audio streaming technology such as Dolby Atmos® brings an immersive new experience in high-definition, three-dimensional acoustic enjoyment. Professional Atmos® sound systems as used in mixing studios or theatres require a minimum of 7.1.4 speakers* (12+ speakers in total). Smaller domestic or consumer systems are a fraction of the size, but are also a fraction of the experience.

Airsound Spatial is breakthrough technology that uses the power of dipolar steering to authentically reproduce the sound and feel of a true 12+ speaker system from only 2 speakers**. Furthermore, Airsound Spatial puts the placement of the speakers into the hands of the listener with fully flexible sound source location and dynamic spatial mapping. This allows any environment to be filled with spatial audio simply and effectively.

* 7.1.4 refers to 7 speakers around the listening plane, 4 speakers above the listeners and 1 subwoofer all in specific locations for an optimal spatial listening experience.

** 2 Airsound Spatial speakers are required for full 360° sound. 3 or 4 can be used to suit the listening space or preference.

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Capable of playing any spatial audio source, including 7.1.4, 9.1.6, or higher formats. Dolby Atmos® compatible, as well as any other spatial audio system.


For home audio, Airsound Spatial means fewer speakers, flexible placement with no requirement to adapt to the acoustic environment. It is the most consumer-accessible high-quality system available.

Cost & Time Saving

Fewer speakers and flexible placement means dramatic savings in the cost of hardware and installation compared to a full 7.1.4 array.

High Fidelity

As a listener, your ear is fully convinced of sound coming from the space around you from all the virtual sound sources. Airsound Spatial has been developed and tested in the studio by industry leading professionals.

Key Benefits

Why Use Airsound Spatial?

Airsound Spatial makes plug-and-play high-quality spatial audio like Dolby Atmos® a hassle-free reality. Speakers can be placed within an environment wherever suits the listener. The centre of the soundstage can be chosen by the listener. The technology makes high-definition, high-fidelity spatial audio accessible in any space.

Home theatre & Soundbar

Airsound Spatial allows a soundbar plus 1 extension speaker to deliver an authentic 7.1.4 360° surround sound. A solo soundbar can accommodate 5.1.2 and over 200° of listening fidelity, and faithfully reproduce any sound objects therein.

Streaming Speakers

Taking advantage of developments in streaming spatial audio, Airsound Spatial can enhance a single unit or allow multiple units to work together to fill any space with a consistent 360° spatial soundfield.

Acoustic Reality

The sound steering technology in Airsound Spatial allows flexibility of placement of the speaker(s), and also flexibility of placement of the sound object(s). This suggests future applications such as soundscapes where listeners can enjoy seamless and interactive spaces, even in domestic environments.

What Makes It Different?

Traditional spatial audio relies on having a large number of speakers around the listener to allow sound to come from different directions. Airsound Spatial overcomes this fundamental limitation of speaker quantity and placement. Each Airsound Spatial speaker generates sound from multiple sources, and also steers each sound source to the correct location within the sound stage.


Airsound Spatial makes optimal use of the speakers that best fit into the listening environment. The algorithm makes all the speakers work together to produce a single and consistent sound stage.

System Requirements

Airsound Spatial is part audio processing engine, and part physical loudspeaker design. It is able to work alongside an existing spatial audio decoder, or as a stand alone object based renderer. The audio processing required is not highly demanding, making the embedded software lightweight enough to easily run on most existing DSP hardware that is capable of managing spatial audio signals. If you would like to consider using Airsound Spatial, please contact us directly to discuss your product / project.

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