One Speaker Stereo. No Compromise.

Transforming the performance of single box audio solutions, Airsound Stereo uses patented audio processing and dipolar steering speakers to create an authentic stereo sound from a single box. The listening space is enveloped in a sound rich in spatial detail that is easy on the ear, enjoyable, and true to the audio being played back.

Key Features

2 from 1: Airsound steers sound to the left and right of the listener to recreate an authentic soundstage as if from a traditional stereo pair, all from a single compact speaker solution.

No sweet spot: The listener is always well positioned to hear a good stereo soundstage, unlike traditional stereo where the listener must be in-between the speakers, Airsound maintains the same left-right balance everywhere.

Low cost: Airsound is a design approach that does not add significant cost to an audio solution. Indeed it can save cost in some high performance one-box speaker solutions.

Simple: Airsound is an embedded technology that is engineered inside an audio product that is ‘set and forget’ From the User’s perspective, it is play and go – entirely transparent except in how it transforms their experience of audio.

Why Use Airsound?

Consumers love good sound, and they love simplicity. One-box speaker solutions such as soundbars or desktop streaming speakers have grown in popularity consistently for the past 15 years. However, without Airsound, these speakers are expected to deliver a compromised audio experience; lacking in any meaningful stereo reproduction. Airsound uses a unique approach to create an authentic sound experience as you would get from speakers perfectly positioned, which allows your product to thrill listeners and stand apart from the competition in a highly crowded marketplace.

Airsound is market-proven with over 150,000 soundbar and other devices sold in the market to date.


Desktop Consumer Audio: Tabletop speakers have access to high-definition audio streams and seek to provide the User with the best listening experience possible but from a small footprint. Airsound is the key to producing audio beyond the capability of a normal mono or stereo audio solution, filling a space with detailed spatial sound.

Soundbar: Soundbars need to be compact and are chosen for ease of installation, but AV content often features effect-driven material, and Users want to be wowed by exciting sound filled with spatial content. Airsound takes stereo and multichannel soundbars to the next level, allowing them to fill a room with sound without needing remote speakers.

Bluetooth / Portable / Party Speakers: Portable speakers need to be compact and are bought to enhance the sound of mobile devices and share music. Airsound is a game-changing technology, adding true stereo to the experience for all listeners.

Installation and Architectural Sound: Airsound gives every loudspeaker in an installation (such as ceiling or wall units) its own stereo soundfield. Multiple units work together to allow stereo to be heard by all listeners.

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