History of Airsound Technology


Invention of Stereo

Alan Blumlein submits a patent for several inventions, and creates the foundations of stereo recording and playback including use of ‘earphones’, a stereo lathe for recording on vinyl, and various other pieces of crucial technology.


Mid-Side Recording in use

Based on Alan Blumlein’s work, the first microphones enter use capable of recording in mid-side.


Daniel & Ted Fletcher Invent Airsound

Starting with a mid-side recording, Daniel assembles a speaker box in the studio to reproduce the mid-side recording directly. Ted develops this with analogue processing to allow mid-side stereo playback of any recording. Stereo Airsound is born.


Airsound Launched

In 2009, the first Airsound driven product, the Orbitsound T3 is launched; a small portable speaker which featured mid-side stereo Airsound playback using a dipole sound steering speaker.


Image 1060

Airsound Stereo in Soundbars

The Orbitsound T12 proves incredibly popular, providing a compact footprint yet wide sounding home theatre experience. It becomes the UK’s #1 selling soundbar in 2012 and 2013.


DSP Driven Airsound

The Bar A70 is launched, featuring a more advanced and spatially accurate stereo sound from the first digital Airsound algorithm.


HALO Airsound Invention

Under a new patent, the first HALO Airsound driven product comes to market. The Airsound Dock E30 (pictured with inventor Daniel Fletcher). HALO features a spatial crossover to deliver more powerful bass whilst maintaining a true and wide stereo sound.


Enhanced Processing and Transconductance Unveiled

The Airsound D1 is unveiled as a luxury showcase loudspeaker for more advanced Airsound processing and transconductance amplification – using current mode amplification to enhance spatial clarity. (ref Esa Meriläinen, 2010)


Airsound Spatial Invention

Evolving past stereo, the steering technology of Airsound is harnessed in a new audio process to deliver spatial audio – sounds can be reproduced and positioned anywhere in a listening space.

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