Many successful products have benefitted from using Airsound to deliver immersive sound. Here are a few of them:

Airsound Air D1

A true flagship audio product that fills a luxury space with the most incredible premium sound. The Airsound D1 showcases Airsound acoustics and analogue amplification, with enough power to be comfortable at any listening level. With an exclusive launch at Harrods, London, the AirD1 is as sophisticated a listening experience as it is possible to get.

Orbitsound Dock E30

The Orbitsound Dock is a smart streaming speaker with an exceptional acoustic foundation. Featuring 3 active drivers and 3 passive radiators, the Dock struck a perfect balance of size and acoustic performance. Because of Airsound it projected a wide soundstage. See our video about Mark Knopfler’s band members talking about Airsound and the Dock E30.

Orbitsound P70w

The Orbitsound P70w is a crossover soundbar/background audio device with a built-in subwoofer. The driver configuration is unique with a central speaker on the top and front which allows the unit to be used in multiple orientations. Thanks to Airsound, this is possible as the audio soundstage is driven by side firing dipole speakers.

Orbitsound A70

The A70 was a well featured and impressive sounding compact soundbar. It’s sleek and minimal design made the product extremely successful when it was being made from 2015-2019

Orbitsound T12v3

Featuring an iPod dock, a range of colours, and Airsound, the Orbitsound T12v3 was a breakthrough product, becoming the UK’s #1 selling soundbar in 2012 and 2013.