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British audio innovators Airsound Technology LLP unveil a groundbreaking solution in audio technology: Airsound Spatial. This novel approach promises to simplify the reproduction of high-quality Spatial Audio, offering an immersive audio experience without the clutter or complexity of multiple speakers.

Nearly two decades have passed since the debut of the pioneering Airsound Stereo audio technology, which delivered authentic stereo sound from a single speaker. This technology has evolved, most notably influencing the Orbitsound brand of soundbars, and now, Airsound Technology LLP is proud to introduce its next evolution: Airsound Spatial.

This innovative blend of hardware and software brings high-quality Spatial Audio, including formats like Dolby Atmos®, within easy reach of both consumers and professionals. Airsound Spatial uses dipolar audio steering technology, enabling a pair of Airsound Spatial loudspeakers to convincingly replace a full 7.1.4 speaker array.

The rise in Spatial Audio has been remarkable, spurred by consumer enthusiasm in personal devices like VR/AR and Spatial Audio headphones, as well as luxury applications such as high-end automotive systems and professional studios. Despite its burgeoning popularity, the expansion into broader, day-to-day environments has been hindered by the intricacies involved in setting up a high-quality Spatial Audio system. Traditional solutions require a multitude of speakers, amplifiers, and specialised decoding equipment – a barrier too high for the average home or small business setting.

Airsound Spatial cuts through this complexity. By simplifying the traditional multi-speaker setup into just a pair of sophisticated loudspeakers, Airsound Spatial brings the experience of studio-quality sound into everyday spaces, effortlessly and elegantly.

Daniel Fletcher, the system’s inventor, shares his inspiration: “The immersive quality of recent spatial mixes, like the re-release of Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits, which my brother Guy engineered, was striking. Replicating this outside the studio was my vision. Drawing on two decades of experience with Airsound, I envisaged a solution for Spatial Audio using audio steering.”

With a simple prototype of two speakers, Fletcher quickly achieved a semblance of full spatial sound, marking the beginning of a journey to refine and control the technology.

“The new technology is far more complex than the original Airsound, but thankfully, 20 years of audio and computing development has made the required audio processing accessible for all kinds of consumer devices. The new generation of spatial audio products made possible by this technology is genuinely exciting.”

Developed partly at British Grove recording studios, known for its world-class ATC-manufactured monitoring system, Airsound Spatial has been tested by resident engineers and industry experts, including Tom Allom, Dave Harries, Nigel Heath, Tom Coath, Luis Sylianou, and Guy Fletcher. Their consensus affirms the technology’s exceptional quality and spatial accuracy, likening it to the studio’s own expansive system.

“The response from engineers and artists to Airsound Spatial has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so that I am now custom building systems for the few who have heard it to use in their home studios.” Daniel Fletcher

The hand crafted, high performance Airsound Spatial listening system is due for release in the summer of 2024. More details will be released on over the coming weeks about its development and availability.

Airsound Spatial in test and development at studio 2, British Grove, February 2024.

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